In the period of Indian National Movement Rajshri Shahu Maharaj, Shikshanmaharshi Karve, Karmveer Bhaurao Patil and Maharshi Shinde have made a precious contribution in the educational arena. In the post independence period, the government has planned the number of schemes. The education adores in Omerga taluka, the youth social workers, Hon. Shri. Vinayakrao Patil, Hon. Shri. Basavraj Patil (Ex-State Minister for Rural Development, Maharshtra State), Shri. Ramkrishnapant Kharosekar, Shri. Marutirao Suryawanshi, Shri. Wamanrao Suryawanshi and other members of management council got mobilized and established Shramjivi Shikshan Prasarak Mandal on 10th September 1984. Since its establishment the institution has been providing the quality education for the students or rural arena. The college aims at shaping the bright future of students in a proper way, because a student is the central figure in the stream of education in the universe.
Our college has been consistently attempting not only to provide a mere formal education or just create a graduate but also it has been struggling to inculcate ethical values, values of life, social awareness for arising the feeling of national integration. We all teachers not only offer the victuals of knowledge and intelligence to students but also we offer love, affection and faith to them and we consistently try to uplift them to the door of their highest apex of success and satisfaction.
The college aims at the versatile development of the students through the ethical, intellectual, physical and cultural values. While giving the value based education, we can’t be certain that students get these values from books because there is merely an inventory of the thousands of words related to education and moral values. It is not quite certain that these values can be achieved in the four walled classrooms but those can be achieved from the individual, group, society and entire behaviour of the Nation. Our college is bound to accompany our students to carry our thought of proper educational and moral values to the remote rural parts and not confine it to the college premise itself or else.
In the new century, while competing with the word, we wish our students should not be deficient anywhere, so, we have started the courses Microbiology, Industrial Chemistry & Computer Science etc. We have also started PG Courses of an M. A. (History), M.Sc.(Mathematics), M.Sc.(Botany), M.Sc.(Zoology), M.Sc. (Comp.Sci) and M.Sc. (Micro-Bio), etc. so that the student of this area should not face any inconvenience.