National Service Scheme (NSS)

For the students’ convenience the tuition fees will be accepted in four premiums and rest of the fees will have to be reimbursed at the time of admission by the students.

  • First premium at the time of admission.
  • Second premium in the end of August.
  • Third premium in end of November.
  • Last premium in the end of December.

12.2.Facilities about Fees:

  • EBC facility for those students whose guardian’s last year’s annual income is less than Rs.15000/-
  • GOI Scholarship for Backward Classes.
  • Facility for Primary Teachers’ Wards.
  • Facility for Freedom Fighters’ Wards.

College sincerely tries to help the students to get different Scholarships from the Government and other Institutions as well.
These scholarships are as follows:

  • GOI Scholarships.
  • Handicapped Scholarships.
  • Scholarships for Freedom Fighter’s wards.
  • Scholarships for Ex-Soldiers’ Wards.
  • National Merit Scholarships.
  • State Merit Scholarships.

12.4.Documents to be attached with the Scholarships Form:
A)GOI Scholarship:

  • GOI scholarships category
  • Two passport size photographs
  • Caste certificate (From S.D.O.)
  • Mark sheet
  • Income certificate (From taluka Magistrate )
  • Transfer certificate
  • Scholarships sanction number, if a scholarship is availed last year.
  • Death certificate is case of parents have passed away.
  • District change certificate in case of the students who have migrated from other district.

B)Documents to be attached with Handicapped Scholarship Form:

  • One passport size photograph.
  • Transfer certificate (T.C).
  •  Mark Memo.
  •  Income Certificate (from Tahashildar )
  •  Medical Certificate from Civil Surgeon.
  •  Gap Certificate in case of gap.
  •  Scholarship sanctioned number of the last year.

C)Document to be attached with the Scholarship Form for the Freedom Fighters’ Wards:

  • Freedom Fighter’s Honour Certificate
  • Income certificate.(from Tahsildar)
  • Family Certificate.
  • Transfer certificate (T.C)
  • Mark Memo.
  • Gap Certificate in case of gap.
  • Scholarship Sanctioned number.(if have)

D)Documents to be attached with the Scholarship Form for soldiers’ wards:

  • Transfer Certificate. (T.C)
  • Mark Memo.
  • Income Certificate.(from Tahsildar)
  • Family Certificate.
  • Gap certificate in case of gap.
  • Certificate of retirement of the Solider.
  • Scholarship Sanctioned number.(if have

E)Documents to be attached with Free-ship facility Form for Backward Classes:
This facility is provided to Backward Students whose guardian’s annual income is less than 15000/- Rs. and those Backward Students take readmission in the college.

  • Income Certificate (Guardian’s authorized Salary Certificate).
  • Caste and Declaration Form.
  • Caste Certificate (issued Dy. Magistrate).
  • Transfer Certificate.
  • Mark Memo.
  • Gap Certificate in case of gap.
  • Scholarship Sanctioned number (if have).
  • In case of readmission, reason should be produced on the bond paper of Rs. 10/- (in case of Medical reason Medical Certificate should be produced )