Research & Development Cell

About R & D Cell The Research & Development (R & D) Cell of Shrmajivi Shikshan Prsarak Mandal’s, Adarsh Mahavidyalaya Omerga, Dist. Osmanabad, facilitates and encourages research culture among the faculty and students. Its prime role is to create contacts with the real world and promote research through a range of publications. It enables a congenial environment for technological development and monitors the research activities of the college. The R&D Cell takes upon the responsibility of creating a work place to attract the best talent and endeavours continuously in pooling of skills and internal resources, creating strategy, overcoming limitations, and makes the College proud to be amongst the best institutions around the Globe.

The R & D Cell aims to reach the Vision and Mission of the college. Faculties have submitted and received grants from various agencies such as University, UGC, ICSSR, DST, AICTE, MHRD & other agencies since 2004. The publication statistics and citations are trustworthy.  R&D Cell provides a platform for creativity and innovation to flourish young minds in college.  This committee oversees the smooth and efficient coordination of research and development activities in the College, thus fostering overall growth.

Aims and


  • To foster scientific temper.
  • To prepare annual research plan, implement and monitor the research activities.
  • To generate innovative ideas on academic and societal problems
  • To identify and inform researchers about the appropriate research opportunities announced by different academic, research, industry or government organizations.
  • To encourage and facilitate the publication of the research work/projects in reputed academic journals and reputed conferences.
  • To monitor and maintain the integrity and publication ethics.
  • To create awareness about filing Patents & IPR
  • Advise and arrange Seminars / Conferences / Workshops on Research Methodology.
  • Promote and encourage interdisciplinary research & MoU with Industries and educational institutes.
  • Encourage young faculty members & Ph.D. Students to register for Ph. D. in the College.
  • To facilitate annual audit and submission of utilization certificates.


R & D Cell

Advisory Committee

Institute Research Advisor, Principal, Dean and 3 or 5 renowned external Academic Personalities with sufficient Research and Administrative background.

Institute Research Advisor

a Professor with at least 10 years of research supervision experience


5 teaching faculty members from the Institute, with research supervising experience and 1 or 2 non-teaching officers representing with experiences in research related administrative duties.


Sr. No Name of the Faculty Designation Position Mobile Numbers
1 Dr. D.P.Garud Principal &

Research Guide

Chairman of Advisory Committee 09423072828
2 Dr. S.G Kulkarni Vice Principal & Research Guide Coordinator of Institute Research Advisor 09665995040
3 Dr. S. B. Mali Professor &

Research Guide

Coordinator of Research Program 09422558789
4. Dr. P. S. Mothe Associate Professor &  Research Guide Coordinator of Research Collaborations & Publications 09890290602
5. Dr. R. R. Solankar Professor &

Research Guide

Coordinator of Finance & Infrastructure 09423342374
6. Dr. R. S. Ramshetti Professor &

Research Guide

Coordinator of IPR & Ethical matter 09422117879
Sr. No Name of the Faculty Designation Position
1 Dr. D. P. Garud Principal Chairman of

Advisory Committee

2 Dr. S. G. Kulkarni Vice Principal

& Research Guide

3 Mr. M. D. Aathane MD ,

Shree Vithhal Sai Cooperative Sugar Factory, Murum

4. Mr. S. S. Patil Manger,

Omerga Janata Sahakari Co.Ltd. Bank ,


5. Dr. S. B. Chandanshiv Principal,

Shree Sankarrao Patil Mahvidyalaya,


6. Mr. M. B. Jadhav Industralists Member
7. Dr. S. B. Mali Professor, Research Guide & IQAC Coordinator Member
8. Dr. S. P. Mathapati Associate Professor, Research Guide & NAAC Coordinator Member
9. Mr. D. S. Mane OS Member
10. Dr. Shriram R. Pethkar Principal,

Shramajivi Pharmacy College,


11. Dr. V. G. Sarpe Principal,

Shramajivi B.Ed. College,


12. Dr. Prashant Mothe Associate Professor & Research Guide


Sr. No Name of the Faculty Designation Mobile Numbers
1 Dr. S.G. Kulkarni Coordinator 09665995040
2 Dr.P. B. Kamble Member 9422655341
3 Dr.U. T. Kesare Member 9423717329
4. Dr.U. B. Dindore Member 9421354884
5. Dr. D. V. Menkuadale Member 9423342368
Sr. No Name of the Faculty Designation Mobile Numbers
1 Dr. P. S. Mothe Coordinator 9890290602
2 Dr. J. G. Mulla Member 9423718448
3 Dr. Mrs. A. J. Miragane Member 9423718513
4. Dr.  S. P. Mathpati Member 9423399070
5. Dr.  S. G. Algude Member 9423342375
Sr. No Name of the Faculty Designation Mobile Numbers
1 Dr. R. R. Solankar Coordinator 9423342374
2 Dr. B. S. Kharose Member 9422378431
3 Dr. S. B. Mali Member 9422558789
4. Dr. T. G.  Chavan Member 9860076802
5. Mr. D. S. Mane Member 9604993399
Sr. No Name of the Faculty Designation Mobile Numbers
1 Dr. R. S. Ramshetti Coordinator 9422117879
2 Dr. S. M. Dulange Member 9421359551
3 Mr. A. V. Takale Member 9130370805
4. Mr. A. R. Mulajkar Member 9975879494
5. Dr.  F. R. Pawar Member 9421352856

Advisory Committee– The role of advisory committee to RDC is to give advises on research matters whenever necessary.

Coordinators– Coordinators are expected to report back on Institute research committee business to their constituents (in faculties, research students, other committees), as well as participating in committee discussions and decision making.

Institute Research Advisor-

  1. Thorough knowledge of grants/funds availability for research projects/FDPS/Seminars/Workshops for students and faculty
  2. Acting as a mediator with other Institute administrative support units, sponsors, and auditors.
  3. Support research student and faculty in the development of proposals and related financial narratives and budgets
  4. Assuring that costs incurred under sponsored research projects conducted within the department comply with sponsor and University policies.

Frequency of Meeting

The R & D Cell will meet at least four times per year.


Research Projects

One of the important criteria to judge the performance of research output of the institution is to obtain recognition by reputed Government/Autonomous sponsoring agencies towards generation of funds to conduct quality research. The institute would attempt to receive a number of research grants from agencies like University,  DST, AICTE, IEI, DRDO, CSIR etc. in near future. In addition to this, many students have participated in Aviskar Projects.

Ph. D. Programs

The college have more than 15 research guides. Till date more than more than 22 students have successfully completed their Ph.D. under our college’s faculties guidance. The college promotes participation of faculty in innovative research by providing a conducive environment, necessary facilities and motivation.


Research Publications

As a result of tireless efforts taken in the research activities, the college has to its credit many research publications in UGC , UGC CARE Listed, National and International peer reviewed Journals. The faculty members have also presented research papers in various reputed national and international conferences. The total 250 plus research papers have published during academic Year 2017 to 2022, out of which 150 research papers have been published in journals and remaining have been published in conferences.


  1. ICT enabled Classroom
  2. Books
  3. E-Journals
  4. Equipment’s
  5. Internet & Wi-fi Facilities